This Warranty availability is subject to only a certain panel brand. Our manufacturer has purchased product warranty insurance to back-our other warranties. This insurance applies to our Limited Warranty and cover PV Modules against Product Defect and Performance output. This insurance program is purchased through our program manager, PowerGuard Specialty Insurance Services, and insured by the following two reputable insurance companies:

  1. International Insurance Company of Hannover SE (A.M. Best Rating: A+ XV www.inter-hannover.com
  2. RSUI Indemnity Company (A.M Best Rating: At XIII) www.rsui.com

Live Solar customers, whose panels have been registered by Live Solar manufacturer's will enjoy a global, irrevocable and immediate insurance-backed warranty which provides third-party rights to the insurance in case of insolvency or bankruptcy.


  1. Immediate coverage (no waiting period)
  2. A.M. Best rated A XIII or better reputable insurance underwriters (enhanced bank-ability)
  3. Insurance Program insures Live Solar's Manufacturer's Limited Warranty, including PV Modules against Product Defect and Performance output
  4. Third- Party policy rights (satisfies investors/bankers requirements) Customers will contact Live Solar's Customer Service if they have any questions at 800-817-6527. or email info@livesolar.com for further information.

Customers may verify registration by visiting PowerGuardians Solar Panel Program Warranty Verification Portal at http://powerguardverify.com/ which they can input the panels serial number to verify they have been reported and are eligible for coverage per the terms of Live Solar's manufacturer's module policy.