The following is criteria that a Customer must try meet for financing; At least one homeowner who is a Customer that has a FICO score of atleast 650 and no bankruptcies within the past 5 years. (Credit Score requirements may vary and is subject to approval of the financing company)
  • No liens on the residence.
  • The residence is located in an approved territory.
  • The residence is owned and is the primary residence of at least one customer, and all homeowners on the title to the residence will be customers.
  • The residence is a single family detached house.
  • The residence is not subject to any restrictions imposed by anyhomeowners’ or similar association regarding the installation, leasing, orpurchase of a System.
  • The residence has a non-north-facing roof space and it is big enough forinstallation of the System.
  • The residence does not have excessive shading.
  • Design results in a System of at least 2.5 kW DC capacity and no more than 30 kW DC capacity.
  • Have a full most recent copy of utility bill available with 12 months history.
  • Other factors may apply and is subject to change if or when a proposal is generated.