This Limited Warranty for Live Solar's Manufacturer Photovoltaic Module(s) (this a Limited Warranty) specifies the scope that Live Solar or its affiliated manufacturing/distribution companies will warrant Live Solar's PV product.

Customer is the first end consumer that puts the PV Module(s) into use.

This Limited Warranty applies to PV Module(s) by Live Solar manufacturer's or an affiliated company. Live Solar manufacturer's warrants the quality of such PV Module(s), and specifies the scope of such warranty.

A. Twelve Year Limited PV Module Warranty of Materials and Workmanship

Live Solar manufacturers warrants the PV Module(s) to be free from defects and/or failures specified below for the period not exceeding twelve (12) years from the date of sale to the original owner (Customer):

  1. Defects and/or failures due to manufacturing;
  2. Defects and/or failures due to materials
  3. Cracking of the front glass surface due to foreign objects inside the glass; or Note: This limited warranty shall exclude cracking of the front glass surface due to external shock from flying objects or external stress.
  4. Non-conformity with specifications due to faulty manufacturing and/or inspection processes. If the PV Module(s) fails to conform with this warranty, Live Solar will repair the PV Module(s), or replace the PV Module(s) with equivalent PV Module(s), at Live Solar's sole option.